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Street Art Skills

Saturday, February 17, 2024
Time: 11am-4pm
Venue: The Courthouse

Dive into the Urban Canvas, Unearth Your Style, and Master the Art of Street Expression!

During this workshop, you will learn hand-on graffiti lettering and stencilling techniques. You will explore different styles of graffiti, from basic tags to elaborate freestyle pieces, and learn the art of designing and cutting stencils for multi-layered works. The workshop will provide insight into the historical and cultural dimensions of street art, showing how it has evolved over time. In addition to technical skills, the workshop promotes individual expression, assisting you in finding your unique voice in street art realm.

  • A pre-order form will be available at each session should you wish to buy lunch in our cafe.


Your Visit

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Get stuck in – but don’t get stuck on our “need to knows”!

  • We don’t issue physical tickets – just bring your email confirmation or order reference along
  • If The Courthouse opens before your workshop starts, you’re welcome to browse our artisan shop – maybe we stock the artist running the workshop!
  • You’re welcome to grab a coffee of a snack from our friendly café and take it through into the workshop with you
  • If you have any access requirements, let us know.
  • There is no parking at The Courthouse except for Blue Badge holders who must let us know they will be needing the space

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