Friday, April 22, 2022
Time: Time slots between 10am-4pm
Duration: 20 minutes per slot
Venue: The Courthouse

One bored boy, one mad scientist, one accidental trip into outer space!

Sergei is a lonely boy, bored but not looking for trouble…. it just always seems to find him!

Following an accident with a football and a great big statue, Sergei is looking for places where he won’t be found. Little does he realise that he has found somewhere to hide that really will help him to escape this scrape and the earth’s orbit! As he blasts off on a journey into the unknown, Sergei encounters stars, aliens and must defeat evil space robots to save his new best friend. When he comes back down to earth to his babushka, he has the universe in his back pocket for a softer landing.

A puppet version of a silent disco, Spaced is a 20 minute show for everyone by Strangeface Theatre Company. This beautiful table-top performance, limited to small audience members per showing, is a child’s dream full of football, rockets and piggy in the middle with Leika the Space Dog. Funny, nostalgic and fun for all the family.

Reviews from audiences:

“Totally original! Utterly delightful! Beautiful puppets”

“Great puppets, brill music, became really absorbed in the moment and tale. Funny & very creative.”

Please note: audiences are limited to 8 per time slot. For enquiries, please contact



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