Scratch Night

Saturday, December 11, 2021
Time: 7.30pm
Duration: 2hr20m
Venue: The Courthouse

Be the first to see snippets of new shows from four great emerging theatre companies.

Each company will be showing 20 minute excerpts and feedback from members of the public, so this is your opportunity to see exciting new work early and give advice on how best to improve the shows.

Performances on the night are:

Julie by Abbey Bradbury

A musical retelling of Julie D’Aubingy’s life, a 17th Century Opera Singer who was also famous for being an excellent swordswoman and being one of the first public figures to live openly as a bisexual woman. The show details her extraordinary life – including seducing a nun, duelling 3 men at the same time, kissing a woman in front of the King, becoming the Mistress of a German Prince and eventually falling in love with the noblewoman Marie Florensac – through stand-up, scenes, and opera fused with pop & rock. The show will be a celebration of love and life and living unashamed of who you are.

How To Be a HOT MESS (How To Live In Your Twenties) by Joy Cruickshank

A mock manual guide exploring becoming an adult, finding your identity and tribe, and mental health concerns.

HOT MESS is an exciting, fast-paced show challenging traditional storytelling and gender norms. It blurs stand up, spoken word, drag artistry and theatre to not only challenge audience members understanding of gender but draw the queer community together finding parallels in each other’s experience.

Paper Theatre by Eve Sheridan

The story will take the form of a series of ‘vignettes’, following a young girl as she explores the world around her, and meets some unusual characters. Each character seems so free at first – birds swoop and soar, a mermaid twirls through the sea, a hero dashes about the forest slaying giants – but before long the girl realises how each one wishes they could be something else. Disenchanted with fairytales, the girl must find her own path.

Occupational Hazard by ACCA Dance

A duet between Charlotte Arnold and Anna Cabré, that attempts to examine those innocuous behaviours which are perhaps not so innocent.

Meet Linda and Becky – two air hostesses that are going about their normal work day. We see them enjoying a cup of coffee before the flight, travelling to the gate, and greeting the customers. They perform the emergency demonstration and take to the air, whilst everything seems to be going just fine. The hostesses are smiling, they are nice, attentive, pretty cute… But slowly, some sort of rigidity takes over; a robotic discomfort dominates the movement making it harder and harder to keep smiling whilst doing their job.

Occupational Hazard is a journey that walks the fine line between suggestive and unsolicited.


Age guidance: 16+

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