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Poetry Evening with Olivia Mulligan, Henry Raby and Hannah Davies

Friday, May 26, 2023
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Courthouse

Poetry Evening with Olivia Mulligan, Henry Raby and Hannah Davies

Ages 12+

Join local poets Olivia Mulligan, Henry Raby with their special guest, Hannah Davies, for an evening of poetry and spoken word.  

About Olivia

Born and bred in North Yorkshire, Olivia Mulligan is a keen cross country runner, a coffee barista, and now – poet. After spending many years in London, completing her degree in Drama and Creative Writing and working in the city for a short spell, she could no longer resist the call of the Yorkshire Dales and returned to her roots.

Her spoken word poem, ‘The Lockdown Chat’ was aired at the 2020 BBC Upload Festival in the Writers’ Tent.

“I have many childhood memories of making up and performing silly rhymes, songs and stories, even before I started school. These days I find I am inspired with poetry ideas when I am out running. I can’t jot down the verses until I get home so to help me remember the lines I keep repeating the words out loud as I huff and puff up and down the Yorkshire hills, sounding truly insane.

“I love how poetry encourages rebellion, experimentation, freedom and so much more.”

Reviews for Advice From A Stranger:

“Olivia is a wonderful poet. These verses are effervescent, warm-hearted and brimming with joy”
Harry Whittaker, BBC Radio York

“Superb poetry and what a great idea behind the book.”
Keith Madeley MBE

“I adore this book.  It’s funny, witty, it made me laugh and it stopped me in my tracks.
Emma-Jane Hinds, Actor & Writer

Follow Olivia:

Facebook: @OliviaMulliganPoetry

Instagram: Liv_Mulligan_Poet

Twitter: Liv_Mulligan


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