Love and Spice: Masham Town Hall

Sunday, November 28, 2021
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Masham Town Hall

Love & Spice from Balbir Singh Dance Company blends Kathak dance, music and live cooking in surprisingly delicious ways. An elderly couple look back on their life together, reliving key moments through memories of the meals they shared. As the couple reminisce, their younger selves appear and enact the memories of times past. With the couple’s advancing age, each has lost one of their senses: he the sense of smell, she the sense of taste. Can spices – in particular black pepper and cardamom, the king and queen of spices – help them recapture what has been lost? Annapoorna, the goddess of food and nourishment, summons the butter-thief Krishna and the sweet-toothed elephant-headed god Ganesh to help her cook a special meal in the kitchen.

Together they will try to bring back the couple’s lost senses, but what else will be rekindled along the way? A feast for the senses as company and audience share a beautiful dance experience and a home-made curry cooked live on stage by a chef.

All Meals are Vegetarian, for any specific dietary requirements please contact us before booking: 01845 526536




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