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Stacey Sinclair and Gordon Wheatley

Stacey Sinclair and Gordon Wheatley

Image: Stacey Sinclair

Saturday 10th - Saturday 17th August

Open 10am-4pm, Free entry

A final exhibition for the MA Creative Practice at Harrogate College.


Stacey Sinclair

After completing a degree in photography Stacey has been studying for an MA in Creative Practice at Harrogate College. Her studies have led her to produce a body of work exploring poor mental health, specifically how it feels to live with mental illness.

Collaborating with individuals diagnosed with various mental illnesses Stacey has combined her penchant for narrative tableaux with traditional analog techniques to produce a series of illustrative photographs which tell the story of living with poor mental health.


Gordon Wheatley

Gordon did a degree in Photography at Harrogate and then started his Masters in Creative Practice. His intention is to show how nature, if left alone, is reclaiming disused industrialised areas by using drones to show things in a different perspective. Drones can show a completely different view compared to the normal ground view. He wants to show that in many places nature has worked well in taking back the land, even if the signs of its former use still exist. He hopes that you like the views you see.

Image above: Gordon Wheatley

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