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2019 SCAF Emerging Artist Award

2019 SCAF Emerging Artist Award

Image: Clare Phelan, Etching


Monday 2nd March – Saturday 14th March 2020 (Closed Sunday)

The SCAF Emerging Artist Award was created to acknowledge up and coming artists of all ages who are living in the Yorkshire region. For our first award the subject for the submitted pieces is Metamorphosis.  This subject was inspired by the Foundation’s first exhibition ‘Imago’ held in 2017, from the Michael Scott collection.  Transformation, change, emergence and metamorphosis are words and ideas at the heart of the creation of the Foundation and we wanted our inaugural award to reflect this theme. Submitting artists could interpret this theme in whatever way they felt appropriate.

The Scott Creative Arts Foundation is delighted to be able to exhibit the 10 Final Pieces that will be for sale at Rural Arts and include the overall winning piece by Clare Phelan; ‘The Ghost in the Machine 3’, an etching produced from a repurposed music box disc.  The piece offers a reflective comment on the origins of computer technology. The work represented our theme of Metamorphosis on many different levels of interpretation.

AN EVENING WITH THE ARTISTS: Thursday 5th March 7.00 – 9.00PM

For further information on the award please go to the website:

The Finalists are:

Alison Britton

Victoria Busuttil

Katie Jamieson

Esen Kilic

Alun Kirby

Beth Morgan

Claire Phelan

Beverley Porter

Kimberli Werner

Susan Wright

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