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North Yorkshire Together

Rural Arts is very excited to launch a new project, North Yorkshire Together, in collaboration with North Yorkshire Sport, and North Yorkshire Youth.

Thanks to funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, we are able provide a vibrant, diverse collection of resources both on and offline, to make the arts and keeping active more accessible during the pandemic.

At Rural Arts we want to make access to arts easier and more inclusive, helping to strengthen community ties and reduce loneliness. Coronavirus has exacerbated the challenges our communities already faced, and created new ones. That's why North Yorkshire Together will combine the wide ranging experience and resources of our three organisations, to provide support and resources to our communities, especially those of us who are isolated or vulnerable right now.

What can you expect to see?

Here at Rural Arts we will be hosting a programme of online content, including regularly scheduled follow-along videos for both young people and adults. We're very excited to welcome artists and creators from a wide variety of disciplines which may be quite new to Rural Arts - theatre makers, poets, musicians, dance teachers... you name it! Not your thing? Not to worry, we'll also be hosting plenty of visual arts based content to compliment the in-person workshops happening at The Courthouse, so you can still join in your favourite workshops even if you can't make it to our building.

In collaboration with North Yorkshire Sport, the new project will end out lots of resource packs containing sports and arts equiptment, to support those who may struggle to access these right now. Keeping active, both physically and mentally, has been a source of fun and promotes wellbeing, so we're thrilled we can continue providing this to people across North Yorkshire.

Finally, the project allows North Yorkshire Youth to continue providing their services to the young people in our communities, making sure they have the support they need during the pandemic.

How to join in

Visit our new, North Yorkshire Together website, to see all of our Video Workshops, plus lots of online events and free activities to try out.

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You can also sign up to our North Yorkshire Together newsletter, to have free resources and opportunities sent right to your inbox.

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More Information

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