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Monday Makers


Monday Makers

Monday Makers is Rural Arts' free 10-week course for unemployed people. The course provides skills and knowledge to help you on your journey to self-employment or further education/training. Each session is led by a tutor, with guest artists offering crucial insight into what you need to become a self-employed artist or maker. The course will also support you to develop your skills in digital marketing, set up as self-employed and explore routes into further education or training.

Monday Makers offers a variety of unique workshops that give you the chance to develop creative, digital and employability skills. Your 10 sessions with us may include creative skills development in paper decorating and marbling, lino cutting, textiles and ceramics - to name just a few! In addition to this, we provide a marketing session, led by an expert and fellow self-employed person, as well as a session on business planning - to give you the confidence, skills and support you need for your future as an artist/maker.


Our objectives:

- Increase your employability skills

- Develop your creativity skills

- Increase your IT and digital skills

- Increase your confidence

- Provide a route into further education or training or setting up your own business


Currently, the course is funded through Community Grants 5, which requires all potential participants to answer YES to the following questions in order to qualify for the programme:

- Are you over the age of 18?

- Are you unemployed and living in North Yorkshire?

- Are you interested in either becoming self-employed or continuing with further education by the end of the sessions?

- Are you able to attend the majority of our 10 sessions?

- Can you bring your National Insurance number, passport, driving licence and evidence of claiming benefits (such as Universal Credit) to the workshops?


If you meet the criteria above, and are looking to build your creativity, employability skills and confidence - this could be the perfect opportunity for you!


Please contact or call 01845 526536 to find out more.