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iPad for Beginners (3rd and 10th March)

iPad for Beginners (3rd and 10th March) Splash Image Here of class couthouse-image

iPad for Beginners (3rd and 10th March)

The Courthouse Thirsk
Saturday 3rd March

2 day course (4 hours)

This course is designed for people who have had an iPad for a while and can use their iPad for basic functions such as sending an email, searching the Internet or taking a photograph. The aim of this course is to deepen understanding and confidence.


  • How to use the 3 x iPad Toolbars and what they all do

  • How to move Apps to personalise home screen and to make folders

  • Built in Apps and what they all do

  • IPad: Keyboard

    • Keyboard Settings

    • Keyboard Layout and where everything is situated

    • How to delete words / letters

    • How to Copy / Paste

    • How to Add Bold / Italics and Underline

  • IPad: Camera and Photos

    • How to Edit Photographs

    • How to organise Photographs into Albums

    • How to personalise and view a slideshow

  • How to transfer Photographs from one device to another


  • IPad: Internet

    • How to create bookmarks

    • How to create reading lists

  • IPad: Emails

- How to make folders for your Emails

  • IPad: Apps

    • How to download Apps and where these will be stored

    • How to pay for Apps and set up payment

    • Examples of other Apps on the market

  • How to print from an iPad

  • Any additional queries from group

Saturday 3rd and 10th March, (2-4pm) The Courthouse, Thirsk Tickets Available: 1
Ticket 25.00

Disability Access

Car Parking

The Courthouse offers disabled parking for Blue Badge owners. If you will be needing to use the disabled parking please contact us prior to arrival so we can reserve you a place in our carpark. 

Wheel Chair Access

The Courthouse has wheel chair access into, and throughout, the building. There is a lift providing access to the second floor and disabled toilet.

If you are coming to a workshop or performance please let us know in advance so we can allocate a space for you in the audience or studio.


If you have purchased a place on a workshop or to one of our performances at The Courthouse and are bringing a carer with you, please let us know when you book your place. Carers are welcome to attend the activity, but if they wish to participate they will need to book a place. 

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs are allowed in the building.

How To Find The Venue

Planning Your Visit

  • A short walk from Thirsk Market Place
  • Local parking
  • Disabled parking, access and toilet
  • Games, books and activities for children
  • Children’s menu
  • Baby changing facilities
  • High chair


iPad for Beginners (3rd and 10th March)

iPad for Beginners (3rd and 10th March)
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