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Lisa House and Jane Burnley

Lisa House and Jane Burnley

Image: Jane Burnley - Mediterranean Summer, Acrylic and Oil Pastel

Friday 28th September – 12th October 2018

Open Mondays - Saturdays, 10am - 4pm

This joint exhibition features atmospheric landscape paintings by artists inspired by their local surroundings.

Meet the Artists

Meet both of these local painters at Rural Arts, and get the chance to hear them talk about their work.

Saturday 29th September, from 11am - 3pm

Image: Lisa House - The Walk Home, Mixed media

Lisa House

Lisa has been painting for over 25 years and exhibits in galleries and art fairs throughout the UK. Based in the North East she takes inspiration from her local surroundings and is recognised most for her atmospheric landscape paintings.

Her work is a vibrant combination of hue, texture and form.  Painting with a mixture of instinct, emotion and skill, she has a subtle understanding of colour and its deep impact on the viewers conscious and subconscious.

Through her still life range she uses contrasting colours and vintage fabrics to create collections filled with character and charm.

Her most recent work features new focal points which she often paints in isolation. The Beach Huts and Cow series are new collections for 2018.

Jane Burnley

Jane is a contemporary artist and jewellery maker who lives and works in North Yorkshire.  

Jane turned to painting in the late 90s and exhibited for the first time in 1998 at the Leeds Arts Fair. Since then she has exhibited locally and regularly takes part in the North Yorkshire Open Studios event. She mainly paint in acrylics; landscapes and more spiritual work, but also produces some mixed media pieces and has recently become interested in monoprinting.

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