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Innovation (2015-2016)

Start: January 1, 2015
End: December 31, 2016
Duration: 2 Years

The Innovation project addressed reducing loneliness and Social Isolation within the older generation living in North Yorkshire.

The project delivered 36 creative and technical workshops, exhibitions and performances specifically designed for elderly people. These were designed to stimulate social integration between the participants and the local community and help reduce levels of loneliness and the pressure put on healthcare and support services. 

The project encouraged the elderly population to learn digital skills in the use of iPad’s and their apps but most importantly improved their self esteem and motivation levels by learning new skills and being part of a social group. In response to the needs, abilities and interests voiced by each group a programme was set up of workshops that explored apps based on creating books, animations, painting, garden design and quilt making.

As part of the programme professional theatrical performances were introduced to the groups which acted as a great way of engaging people with the programme and raising the spirits of the individuals. We found this series of arts and technology workshops a very successful way of addressing issues of mental and social isolation and were able to help people suffering from dementia, to improve their health and wellbeing to find new ways of self expression.