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Power Through Performance

Celebrating International Women’s Day (8th March) we have curated a series of short film screenings, from young filmmakers and digital artists, that reveal the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality!

Yore Valley

Yore Valley Artists are a group of sixteen professional, semi-professional and experienced amateur artists who paint regularly together in a variety of styles and media, including oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastels, and prints. Yore Valley have held several successful exhibitions throughout North Yorkshire.  Individual artists are currently represented in several galleries across the county and have […]

People and Places

Exhibition of work created by members of the Heart & Craft and the ArtBeat Community. Curated by Artist Jane Claire Wilson the exhibition celebrates the creativity and sociability of local people as it brings together artwork created in Care Homes across North Yorkshire. Additionally, Jane worked in a socially engaged way across two Heart & […]

Juice: In Celebration of LGBT+ History Month

Throughout February Except 16th and 22nd February Throughout February we will be screening a curated series of short films, from young filmmakers and digital artists, that raise awareness of, and combat prejudice against the LGBT+ community while celebrating its achievement and diversity by making it more visible. Squeezing joy and visibility into the Courthouse programme is part […]

Café Artist of the Month: Jenine Wardell

Jenine Wardell is a contemporary artist originally from Greater Manchester, but now lives locally in Boroughbridge with her husband whilst being a carer for her adult, autistic son.  Jenine has been passionate about art since being a child and has used it to express herself, and as a source of therapy throughout her life. Jenine loves […]

The Arts Collective Exhibition

Come and enjoy an excellent selection of artwork by our Open Studio scheme participants who produce prints and ceramics. The artwork is made by The Arts Collective.

Café Artist of the Month (October): Michelle Wade

Michelle Wade is an artist originally from South Africa, who now resides in the beautiful natural landscape of the North Yorkshire Dales. Inspired by the magic of nature, Michelle’s art hopes to remind people how precious nature is and share hope that together we can save our earth.  Michelle Wade was originally from South Africa, […]

Café Artist of the Month (November): Andy Bayston

Andy Bayston is a Northallerton based artist who works predominantly in painting. He experiments with paint application to achieve a more abstract effect, combining oils with cold wax.  Andy is particularly interested in capturing the reflective quality of water. He is inspired by the contrast that is often seen in those landscapes, that stand out […]