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Hazel Dixon and Evagelia Hagikalfa

Hazel Dixon and Evagelia Hagikalfa

Monday 9th - Saturday 21st July 

Open Monday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Public’s choice winners of FRESH Prize 2017 Hazel Dixon and Evagelia Hagikalfa return in a group exhibition displaying a range of work that includes a collection of photographic slides as well as rust and metal plates.


The second assemblage installation based on the philosophical idea of the Microcosm. Our world is created in correspondence to the universe and the “Microcosmos” is alternative world equally corresponding to ours.

The work presents an alternative cosmos, that explores human understanding through 3 categories of perception: Spirit, Soul and Material. Created with commercial souvenirs and amateur tourists’ photographic slides collected over 2 years, Microcosmos is looking into memory and documentation of human experience similarly to looking through a microscope at bacteria colonies.

The 35mm slides used are mainly from the early 60’s till late 80’s and include photographs from Africa, United States, Brazil, Thailand and from Europe: Greece, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, UK and Switzerland.

As the collection of slides expand over time so will the geographical content of the work.

HAZEL DIXON - Rust and metal plates

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