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Customer charter

Customer Charter
Rural Arts is committed to providing you, our customer, with a high standard of service in accordance with the Principles of Quality Customer Service approved by Government. This Charter sets out the standards of service you may expect from this organisation.

General Information
We will provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on our policies, schemes and services on our website and in print format using clear and simple language. We will use clear language in the design of our literature.

Telephone Service
We operate a telephone answering service Monday to Friday during office hours only between 9am and 5pm. Calls will be transferred to an answer phone at other times where messages can be left for appropriate staff. We will return your call with in 48 hours. We will identify ourselves to callers; deal with you in a helpful and courteous manner, and provide you with as much information as possible. We will get back to you within an agreed timeframe if we cannot deal with your query immediately. Where appropriate we will obtain as much relevant information as possible from our customers at the first point of contact in order to provide the best service possible.  We will also ascertain their existing relationships with other providers.

Correspondence, E-mail & Fax
We will process valid requests for events and activities within the following time limits (if a member of staff on leave they will arrange for another member of staff to check their emails and respond within the agreed timescales):

  • Make contact/respond to queries for new projects within 5 working days
  • Provide information to new promoters within 5 working days
  • Book eligible participants onto workshops within 2 working days
  • Refer people to relevant contact within 2 working days.

Non-standard queries will be responded to within 2 working days.
If it is not possible to give a full reply within the above timescale, we will issue an interim reply with an indication of when the matter can be finalised.

Special Needs

We will ensure that our activities and literature are accessible to people with special needs and that the appropriate level of service is available.  We will provide information in variable formats i.e. large print and audio on request.

Booking Events and Activities

We will book eligible participants onto workshops, events and activities within 2 working days.  We will confirm bookings for venue hire within 2 working days.

Consistency and Impartiality

We will administer our services, which we provide directly to the public, in a consistent and impartial manner. We will treat our customers with respect and courtesy and ensure there is no discrimination on the grounds of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, race and membership of the Traveller Community.
We will provide an approved list of third party suppliers/contacts to customers where appropriate and although Rural Arts cannot be accountable for the service offered by any of these third parties we will continue to review the approved list on a regular basis.


If we have made an error we will apologise and make every effort to rectify the situation. We will operate an impartial customer complaints procedure. All complaints received will be acknowledged within 5 working days and processed within 20 working days.

Appeal / Review

For customers who are dissatisfied with decisions in relation to our services, we will operate an accessible and formal system of appeal/review.

Helping us to serve you

We welcome and encourage you to provide us with your views on our delivery of services to you. Evaluation material is provided for your use at all of our outreach public events and at our building base The Old Courthouse where a comment box is provided. We will consult with our customers in relation to the development, delivery and review of services. To assist us in meeting our service standards it would be appreciated if you would treat our staff with respect and facilitate us by providing us with as much information as possible in dealing with your query. In particular, please quote any relevant reference number in all communications and ensure that any request or booking forms are fully, accurately and legibly completed and returned within the required deadlines.


This Customer Service Charter sets out commitments by Rural Arts to standards of service for members of the public who deal directly with us. In addition, the organization supports a range of other bodies, including local and community development organizations and arts organisations. This Charter will be displayed prominently in our public building, the Old Courthouse, and will be kept under review. As already described, this organisation is responsible for a diverse range of services to customers from many different backgrounds with many different needs. However, the Principles of Quality Customer Service, and our own commitment to service, require that each of our customers be treated with courtesy and respect. To this end we have adopted Codes of Practice that will underpin our relationship with our customers. All staff are aware of their obligations under these Codes of Practice and will receive ongoing training and support in meeting those standards. We have developed an internal Complaints Procedure to address instances where customers are dissatisfied with the standard of service provided by the organisation. We hope that you do not have cause to avail of this procedure but if you do we will make every effort to achieve a solution that is satisfactory to you.

Complaints Procedure

If you are not satisfied that we are meeting these standards or have concerns or complaints about any aspect of your dealings with us, please tell those staff with whom you are dealing directly. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction at local level please write to:  The Director, Rural Arts, Westgate, Thirsk, N Yorkshire YO7 1QS | E-mail: | The Director will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days advising you of the named officer who will be handling your complaint
  • Complete the processing of your complaint within 20 working day
  • Where your complaint is upheld, apologise to you and, where possible, try to rectify the situation immediately
  • Where your complaint is not upheld, explain our reasons to you.