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Sue Kershaw

Sue Kershaw is a mosaic artist whose work combines a love of nature and literature with geometrics.   

Each design features 100s to1000s of intricate hand-cut pieces known as tesserae including shards of teacups made from Ganges clay collected in Varanasi, India to seashore glass from Palermo, Sicily. Gold leaf Italian smalti, sicis glass and French porcelain are also strongly present.

‘I am passionately driven to achieve a harmonious balance between creating a strong initial design with the physical creation and arrangement of tesserae that flow throughout the work.’   

Sue facilitates workshops and community art projects across the UK; and, works to commission from her studio based in Ryedale, North Yorkshire. Sue has exhibited widely including Leeds City Gallery, the Ferens Hull City Gallery, York University, York & Scarborough Hospital. Sue’s commissions include a 3 ft mosaic ‘Larkin25’ toad in Hull; a hospital mosaic fountain for NHS Hull; and, a ‘Hope’ wall mosaic for Trafford Macmillans Care Centre.  


Instagram:   @suekershawmosaic

Facebook:  @Mosaic Art

Pinterest:  @suekershaw54

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