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Sorcha McCole

Sorcha currently lives and works in Yorkshire, having previously lived in the North East where she began her practice whilst studying Fine Art at Newcastle University between 2012 and 2016.

Sorcha has exhibited work at a number of different places, including:

  • “Fresh Emerging Art” at The Courthouse, Rural Arts, Thirsk
  • “B.Y.O.B Exhibition” at the Auxilary in Stockton
  • “Leicester Summer Arts Trail” at Studio Ame, Leicester
  • Newcastle University Degree Show” at Newcastle University and the Great North Museum; Hancock, and the Copeland Gallery, London
  • “Digital Style” at the pH space, Newbridge Project, Newcastle
  • “Whitley Bay Film Festival, Arts Houses” in Tyne and Wear

She now works full time, as the Creative Producer (Visual Arts) at Rural Arts, where she teaches a range of workshops for adults, children and vulnerable groups.

When not working at Rural Arts, Sorcha focuses on her own art practice which explores themes of subconscious thought, automatism and the unconscious.

Since a young age the vividness of Sorcha’s dreams have inspired her creativity and imagination. Her time studying gave her the ability to explore this subject matter further through video and drawing.

Sorcha’s drawings combine dream motifs with personal experiences. Her illustrations attempt to visually express the thoughts and memories experienced in a person’s dreaming and waking life, that are often difficult to express by verbal means.

The videos Sorcha creates, examine the complexity of the mind, psychological phenomena and the abstract narratives in dreaming. Each video immerses the viewer into a visual representation of the varying levels of consciousness.

Instagram: @sorchacreates

Facebook: Sorcha mccole artist

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