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Michelle Wade

I’m Michelle Wade, a South African artist, ceramic sculptor and graphic designer creating art from the beautiful natural landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

I am inspired by the magic of nature; the intricate patterns of a seed pod; the spirit and personality of an animal; the wisdom and strength of a tree. I express my passion to conserve wildlife through my art. I use a combination of pen and ink drawings, watercolours and collage within my illustrations. My ceramic art is all hand built, I create mostly sculptures and enjoy surface pattern and interesting textural glazes.

I have been delivering workshops for Rural Arts over the past 3 years for both children and adults in ceramics, illustration, printmaking, felting and various other crafts.

I hope that my art inspires people to love and reconnect with nature, to remind them how precious our biodiversity is, to reawaken the necessity to preserve, protect and nurture all wildlife and to share hope that together we can save our earth.