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David Teece

Specialised glass art from the heart of Yorkshire.

Inspired by light, colour and with a hint of the dramatic, David creates beautiful decorative items in fused and stained glass.

A graduate in Art and Design and a fully qualified teacher, David works from the peaceful Garden Studio in the heart of Masham. The studio houses three kilns and all the other necessary equipment, where David creates his own art works for sale in local outlets and completes individual commissions for private clients.

David also offers individual and small group tutorials in fused and stained glass for beginners and intermediates and the more specialised use of the vitrigraph kiln for more established glass artists.

“The skill of the fused glass artist combines not only the appreciation of line and form and the use of light and colour but also a knowledge of the chemistry of glass and how to use the kiln to achieve the desired effects through the careful application of controlled heating and cooling.”


Instagram: @gardenstudiomasham

Facebook:  Gardenstudiomasham and Masham Vitrigraph