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Resources for Adults

Mental Health

The charity Mind has a lot of resources on their website, here are a few:

How to improve your mental wellbeing

Supporting someone else

Support for a young person

Support for LGBTIQ+

How to cope with sleep problems

How to be mentally healthy at work

Online mental health (The impact being online may have on mental health)

Other support:

Quell for Men: Online emotional wellbeing and mental health support for men.

Support for carers for adults or young people

Hambleton and Richmond Carers: There is a phone number you can call on the home page also.

Drug and Alcohol support

North Yorkshire Horizons: Support service for those in recovery.

Frank: Information on drugs including how to support someone you care about and what to do in an emergency.

Online Communities

There are lots of groups on Reddit that almost act as support groups and online communities for those who are going through similar difficulties as you may be. For example here is a link to a group of people sharing advice and tips on home-schooling during lockdown. If you search “Reddit” plus any sort of community or advice you are looking for (e.g. reddit home-schooling lockdown UK) you will often find a discussion on there and can ask your own questions if you have any. You will need to sign up with an account to do this. 


North Yorkshire Together

In collaboration with North Yorkshire Sport and North Yorkshire Youth, our North Yorkshire Together website brings together arts, sports and resources for both young people and adults. This includes video workshopsresource sheets and more for keeping happy and healthy at home.