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Creativeness and Mindfulness Ideas

These are not a guaranteed “one fits all” but may work for some of you:

Jar of Hope

Each time you or a family member thinks of something they wish they could do or can’t wait to do once lockdown is over, you write it on a piece of paper and put it into a jar. Once we are able to do things again, you can use the jar for a lucky dip and make sure to do all the things you hoped to do at this time! This could be used beyond lockdown too.

Daily Reminder

Use a blackboard or piece of paper with some blue tac and fill it with photos and colourful writing. It could include loved ones, good memories, things that make you smile and you can keep adding to it when something nice happens however small it is (e.g you ate a tasty meal, a joke that made you laugh). Then place it somewhere you will see it every day, such as the fridge, or the wall opposite your bed. Use it as a daily reminder of the good things in your life.

Circle of Control (Stephen Covey)

It may not work for all, but it is a way to try and gain some control over your thoughts when everything starts to feel a bit overwhelming or you get brain fog. Use the circle to list your concerns. In the inner ring, what is within your control, in the middle ring, what is in your sphere of influence and in the outer ring, what is out of your control.