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My CREATE Tour with Young Promoter Ella


with Young Promoter Ella 

Our #CREATETour Young Promoter Ella, recently joined Anja, Clara and Eva to help us with our Three Little Pigtails show during a very busy week at Rural Arts! 
Ella pictured centre with (from left) Anja, Clara, performer Iklooshar and Eva

Ella wrote up a review all about the show and her experience of helping out on the day!

Three Little Pig Tails by Garlic Theatre
A review by Ella. 
Three little Pig Tails is an entertaining show set in France that was brought to Rural Arts, Thirsk by Garlic Theatre and performed by Iklooshar Malara. 

This performance was enjoyed by the audience and the children loved being involved. It was a spin on the classic fairy tale which used puppetry for the pigs.
It was set in France. Iklooshar played the waiter and had to prepare the escargot snail soup for the president of France and his wifeHowever, the snail meant for the soup had disappeared to elsewhere, right at the beginning of the show. Iklooshar and her boss (the wolf) had to find a new soup recipe, and fast! Eventually they settled on pig tail soup (doesn’t sound the most appealing!) and the wolf set out on a mission to find the ingredients.  

Meanwhile, the three little pigs – Claude, Charlie and Florence  had been forced to move out of their house, as “it was getting too squished”, according to their mumSo they set out, each with a different tool, moving to either north, east or south of France, to build a house of their own.  

One pig had the job of making a straw house, another pig had the job of making the brick house and the last pig had the job of creating a stick house. They all then settled in.
The wolf then came to Claude’s straw house, which he blew down without collecting a pig tail. Next, he moved to Florence’s stick house, where again he blew it down without gaining a pig tail. Finally, he went to Charlie’s brick house, again managing not to collect a pig tail, but this time falling down the chimney and burning himself until there was nothing left of him!!
Iklooshar now served the best soup ever according to the president. This one didn’t use snails or pig tails but using a “big bad” secret ingredient instead.
All in all, the show was good fun, and everyone participated and had a smile on their face!

As a Young Promoter I loved watching the show, knowing how all the puppetry and set was made and used. There was me (Ella), Clara, Eva and Anja helping in the morning.  We did things such as watch Iklooshar set up, interview her and set up the audience’s seating. I learned a lot of new skills and all different cool backstage and front of house experiences.  

I really loved the experience of participating and being part of this show day. I am looking forward to taking part in other shows. Thank you Rural Arts and the CREATETour Young Promoter scheme for giving me this opportunity!

To find out more about #CREATETour or the Young Promoter scheme follow the links! Keep an eye out for future performance reviews by our Young Promoters of upcoming shows at Rural Arts!