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Self- Care Day

??Self – Care Day at Rural Arts??

10am – 4pm, July 17th


On Tuesday July 17th, as part of Time to Change, Rural Arts organised a Self-Care day.


The day involved a variety of activities, with a sensory workshop and pet corner in the morning, as well as yoga in the town hall, colour and cake in the courthouse cafe and an afternoon session of creating a self-care toolkit.

We had lots of people visiting during the day with one of the main highlights being yoga with the lovely Frankie Barbour. Her session was suited to all abilities, with a variety of yoga poses leaving people feeling very relaxed after the class!

As well as yoga, we also ran a sensory workshop in the morning. The workshop included drawing to music, scented paints, messy clay and even painting with our feet! The scented paints were especially fun, as the more paintings that were created, the more smells of vanilla, orange, ginger and others filled the room.

In the afternoon we created a Self-Care Toolbox; a box to fill with helpful things to turn to in times of need. We filled ours with mandala pebbles, “let it go” balloons, handmade candles and sweet treats, however we found lots of helpful suggestions of what someone may want to fill their own box with, as listed below:



We will also had wrap-around activities such as Colour and Cake in the cafe and, of course, the very popular pet corner! Everyone fell in love with the adorable cocker spaniels that cam to visit us, and they were the perfect way to relieve any feelings of anxiety or stress.

Overall we had a wonderful day and it was great to share it with so many friendly people! We’re very much looking forward to hosting another self-care day next year!


This event day has been funded by Scarborough Survivors and Time to Change  in support of mental health awareness. For information on how you or a loved one can receive mental health support , please visit for a list of mental health help and support services.