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MAIA perform for Art on Your Doorstep



? Art on Your Doorstep Performances ?

“Absolutely wonderful. Good exercise! Good company. Lots of laughs.”


In May and June, MAIA performed at a variety of care homes and community centres as part of the Rural Arts “Art on Your Doorstep”; a project that promotes Over 75’s to participate in a range of creative activities.
Maia kicked off their tour with us, with their first performance at Sowerby House. Right from the beginning the band interacted brilliantly with the residents, promoting a wonderfully positive atmosphere.We got some great feedback from both residents and staff at Sowerby House:
“Great interaction and participation. Every one of my residents were awake and involved. Alice said she hopes for Maia to come again. She very much enjoyed it and she is normally very reserved.” (Staff member)
“Raised my mood and gave me a boost. I loved singing along and the songs meanings uplifted me” (Resident)
At Sowerby House
Maia also performed at Topcliffe and Asenby Village Hall, where ON Tour assistant, Sorcha McCole, met a lovely 96 year old lady, who thoroughly enjoyed the performance:
“They captured the audience from the start and everybody enjoyed the experience thoroughly”


In May, MAIA went on to bring their music to East Thirsk Community Hall, where 26 regular tea group attendees watched MAIA perform. It was so lovely to see how much everyone was enjoying themselves, we even had one couple attending the performance who were celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary that very day, which promoted the band to dedicate a song to them.

At East Thirsk Community Centre

At the end the boys even joined everyone for a chat whilst having some tasty homemade cake and a cuppa. Here is what the group had to say about the performance:

“I thought the performance was excellent. The group was very talented. I would love them to come again.” 

“They were brilliant. I feel relaxed, elated and happy.”
One of the highlights of the performance at East Thirsk, was the band’s rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which brought quite a few people to tears!

Finally, to finish off their tour with us, Maia performed at one of our ON Tour venues, Coxwold Village Hall. Yet again the band interacted with the audience wonderfully, even getting them to play along themselves, with maracas, tambouriness and more! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and a few people even got up and had a boogie, as Maia finished the set with Elvis Presley’s “Hound dog”, requested by one of the audience members.

We all thoroughly enjoyed having MAIA on board for our Art on Your Dorrstep project and look forward to working with them again!

Maia at Coxwold Village Hall
“Very happy making! It made me feel like dancing.”