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Rural Arts Art Cafe.

The Rural Arts
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(Clockwise from top left) Making candles with Morna, Painting Tiles for the Courthouse Café and Painting Vases.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Art Cafe, we thought we’d write a little article for you to explain what it’s all about and how you, or someone you know can get involved.

Art Cafe is held monthly, on a Thursday between 10.30 – 11.30am, right here in The Courthouse at Rural Arts. We provide free workshops for Over 75’s as part of our celebrating age scheme, which also includes a free cuppa whilst you create!  There are a wide variety of activities you can get involved in as part of the art cafe, such as glass painting, ceramics, painting, drawing, printing and sculpture.

There are still plenty of art cafes to come this year…

Art Café Dates:

  24th May . 21st June . 19th July . 16th August . 13th September . 11th October .
8th November . 6th December .

Like our Taste Of workshops, Art Cafe is simply about having a go at creative activities, whatever level you’re at. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people too! If you fancy having a go, then either come along to one of our sessions or call us to have a chat about what the scheme involves, on 01845 526 536.

We also have an exciting event coming up later on in the year for anyone that’s interested in our celebrating age scheme. We will be hosting an exhibition, full of the art cafe’s lovely work, as well as having live performances and taster sessions. (More details to be released closer to the time.)

Celebrating Age Day 

?Art Cafe Exhibition . Music . Workshops?
Friday 21st September
At the Town Hall and Rural Arts, The Courthouse.

Painting Pansies for the Rural Arts Processions Banner