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A Rural Review 2016: Week 19!

Hello one and all and welcome back to A Rural Review. It’s fair to say that it’s been an… ‘interesting’ week in Britain hasn’t it? But never fear, as however much unrest, change and confusion there is the country, you can look to us here at Rural Review HQ to provide a constant beacon of merriment week after week (perhaps we are overstating our importance here but go with us…) So without further ado, lets jump into…

What’s been happening
Wimbledon Week!
It’s been ‘Ace’ so far!

If you have wandered past The Courthouse this week and have been confused with the racket emanating from our courtroom, including clapping, grunting and cries of ‘Out!’ you obviously were not aware of all the cool things Rural Arts has been serving up in the Wimbledon week! Not just are the matches being streamed into our venue, but there are Cream Teas, Pimms and Strawberries being doled out quicker than an Andy Roddick serve (we know this reference is a bit dated but there are no real big servers left are there?!) The best part about Wimbledon? It is on all next week as well! Make sure you pop into our Courthouse, from 10:00 – 4:30, Monday to Saturday, to reap the rewards of all of our exciting tennis-themed activities. You never know, you might even get to wear a visor if you are lucky!

Cracks of Love Exhibition 
Some class glass on show!
Alongside Wimbledon, we are very excited to be opening a brand new exhibition! Rachel Laycocks amazing glass exhibition, Cracks of Love is here until the 24th July. Specialising in kiln formed glass, Rachel Gretton’s new body of work reflects on relationships, communication and the use of language both spoken and unspoken. It is language, discourse and the process of negotiating meaning and truth, which informs Rachel’s work. It was set up yesterday and is looking, quite frankly, beautiful. It is being showcased until the 22nd of July, Monday to Saturday, and we hope to see you there.

What’s Coming Up

Very excited for this!
Who doesn’t love a bit of jazz? And with a name that means melodious you know it’s gonna be some damn fine jazz. Plus did I forget to say that you literally pay whatever you think its worth? Jeez Louise is there any way you can go wrong? With percussion from Sam Bell, Guitarist Joe Harris, double bassist Simon Read; Vanessa Rani has created a band that takes influence from so many cultures it’s like a multicultural all you can hear buffet. And to reiterate my point you literally pay whatever you like… if nothing else will coax you I’m sure that will. To reserve yourself a place, just click HERE
World Cup’ 66
They think it’s all over…
A couple of weeks ago, we made a prediction about England’s Euro hopes (you can read that HERE). Depressingly, we were absolutely right. So why not  get over this disappointment by celebrating England’s greatest footballing triumph – live streamed for your pleasure. This special afternoon only features the game, but exciting music from the time and commentary on the solitary time we got our hands on the beautiful Jules Rimet trophy. To book tickets, and commiserate yourself on 60 years of hurt, just click HERE
Observational Drawing
It’s back by popular demand! On the 22nd of July we have another session of Observational Drawing, and trust me you want to get your tickets quickly, as these workshops always go fast! This workshop will look at the challenges of replicating change scale on paper, using grids and lines to achieve proportion, applying tone and including and omitting detail. Just a quick note: this workshop is aimed at improving your drawing skills and some experience is necessary. Book your tickets HERE
Get involved!
We are done for the week! Thanks very much for reading, and let’s hope we get by the next month (or even week) with some calm. Regardless of what happens, we can promise we will be here, with another blog post, and going back on promises is something we do not do here at Rural Arts. With that in mind we will see you next week for that!