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A Rural Review 2016: Week 18!

Hello one and all and welcome back to A Rural Review. Usually in this introduction we like to kick things off with a small topical reference to a nationwide event that took place in the week. You know, something that everyone would be aware of and has an opinion on. Sadly for us we can’t think of a single major thing that has happened this week in Britain: it seems nothing of note, at all, seems to have occurred… Ah well, with that in mind we should probably leave that segment of the blog so that we can remain on course for the normal Rural Review structure: telling you all about this weeks highlights at the Courthouse and what other exciting activities we have coming up. Let’s kick off shall we?!
What’s been happening
A Taste Of… Morning and Evening
Look at all of this hustle and bustle!
It has been a very busy week for our adult art club this week! With both morning and afternoon sessions running, our workshop has been full to the brim with creativity, enthusiasm and talent. We had appliqué bunting on Wednesday morning, followed swiftly by Platser Impressions on Thursday evening. We were feeling so newspaper-y this week that we decided to get a quote about the workshops from our creative arts intern Poppy – who said:
“These two workshops were great. The evening course was my first workshop at Rural Arts which I was running on my own and so I was a little nervous but I had a fantastic time! Everyone created such amazing work and I can’t wait to see what we get up to next.”
So there you have it – the inside scoop from this weeks workshops! All that is left to say is that you can click HERE to sign up to all remaining A Taste Of… sessions.

Alaska – Cheryl Martin
Oh what a night!
In this blog we spoke many times about Cheryl’s FRESH show Alaska, because a) talking about things that are coming up is a key component of our blog structure and b) because we were jolly excited about it. Well last week we saw Cheryl in action and it is fair to say it did not disappoint! The Courthouse was transformed for the night, as the audience were completely engrossed in Cheryls powerful, emotional and uplifting story. A fabulous night – and we want to say a huge thank you to Cheryl for putting on such an amazing show.

Gallery Update
As I am sure you will know, one of Rural Arts most popular features. Right next to our lovely cafe our gallery always has new work in from local artists. This week, Alison Vickers has delivered some beautiful new glasswork which really is worth a look if you get the chance – we are open from Monday to Saturday 10 – 4:30 Monday through Saturday. Our Gallery is not something which gets that much exposure here at Rural Review, (apologies – we will do better we promise!) but is always updating what’s on offer and running exciting exhibitions – with many things to keep your eyes peeled for for the remainder of the year.

Alison Vickers wonderful glass sculptures
Whats coming up
Why not ‘jazz’ up your life a little (sorry..)
We are spoiling you rotten with FRESH performances at the moment! We have warmed you up with some poetry, and now music is on the menu. Manjula (which means melodious) Manjula  incorporates Portuguese, African and Latin Jazz influences with haunting ambience of Indian vocal training and the rhythmic attack of Jazz Improvisation (how fancy does that sound!) As with all FRESH performances, there is no booking fee, rather you For this performance you pay what you think is a fair price. However, this doesn’t mean you can just rock up on the day, as these events are very popular and often sell out! To book a place on what is sure to be a fantastic evening, please click HERE.

Wimbeldon Fortnight!
Get yourself to the ‘Court’house (also sorry..)
What does the last week in June, tempremental weather and an sudden increase in Strawberries, Cream and Pimms purchases have in common? Yes they all signal the beginning of the nations favourite tennis tournament – Wimbledon! Throughout the 2 weeks of action at the All-English Tennis Club Rural Arts are screening the matches in the afternoon up until we close at 4:30pm. There will also be some other tennis-themed activities taking place (which the staff are particularly excited for). So come and down, pop in for a civilised drink and snack in our cafe and  then prepare yourself mentally for screaming ‘CMON ANDY!’ for the next four hours – it’s going to be good!

That is the end of this weeks blog – thanks very much for reading and we will EU next week for another post. Thanks for reading!