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A Rural Review 2016: Week 17!

Hello one and all and welcome back to A Rural Review. This week began with beautiful sunshine and ended in torrential rain, which let’s hope is not a metaphor for England’s chances at the European Championships, which of course kick off tonight in Paris. But enough about football, we here at Rural Review strive to be different than the England football team, because when we promise much we deliver real results, not just disappointment, despondency and regret (if we win the Euro’s this blog will look very silly, but we are prepared to take that risk..) So we have a load of activities to talk about and also some other fun things you should keep your eyes peeled for – let’s begin shall we?

What’s been happening

Thirsk Hour Live
Get involved!



If you are not aware of Thirsk Hour, then you need to up your North Yorkshire-based social media game! Every Thursday between 7-8pm the Thirsk Hour twitter feed is alive with everything that is going on in our lovely town, plus some fun, jokes and all-round loveliness. Well this week was another live session, where all the connections made virtually on twitter can be cemented physically (you see, we are not all robots yet..) whilst also supplying some twitter training and some nibbles for all those attending. It was a fantastic evening and we are looking forward to the next one immensely – while we wait, why not give us a follow on twitter? You can find our twitter page, our handle is @ruralarts, HERE





Look at all of this lovely work!

Cyanotype Workshop

Today our studio in The Courthouse was full to bursting with a brand new activity – and that’s something we can’t say everyday! Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print and we can promise you that the results were even more beautiful than the process sounds confusing! It was a fantastic session, and we will most certainly be coming back to Cyanotype in the future – so make sure you look out for that. I won’t say much more and will just let the pictures do the talking, but will just point you in the direction of our workshop page, where you can sign up to all our new exciting workshops, HERE.


A most wonderful day!
Art Club visit to the Dorman Museum

Saturday was a pretty special one for our Art Club kids, who enjoyed a brilliant day out at The Dorman Museum. Alongside students from Acklam Grange School they discovered the design talents of Dr Christopher Dresser through a fabulous talk by the museum staff, and then the group got stuck in (pun intended) to making plaster tile press moulds. The results were brilliant and we want to say a huge thank you to The Dorman for being so welcoming, and making the day as good as it was! Our art club is fully booked at the moment, but make sur your keep your eyes peeled for September, when it will be returning for the Autumn Term.



What’s coming up


Only a week to go…
The Cheryl Martin production, Alaska, is mooching on in this week and we cannot wait! This performance takes a look at the life of a woman growing up facing the struggle of severe depression and how she managed to survive it. Contrasted with humour, song and dance this performance is gonna be a bit of a rollercoaster… (But a fun one, not a big intimidating one that all your friends make you go on and you pretend to be okay with it but inside you are terrified…) Anyway, grab your tickets for as much as you think is reasonable HERE and come down, its definitely worth the watch!



It’s coming home, it’s coming..

World Cup ’66 Live


As we have made abundantly clear in our introduction – there is nothing that quite compares to a historical game of footie: especially one in which England come out on top! So why would you even flinch at the chance to experience the whole story of the ’66 World cup on the 30th July. Not only will there be match footage, brilliant stories, and amazing songs from the year there will also be some football legends making this one of our truly unmissable events. All I can say is if you don’t click HERE to sign up – what are you playing at?!

We started with football and we will finish with football.. thanks very much for reading and we will see you next week for another Rural Review!