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A Rural Review 2016: Week 13!

Hello one and all and welcome back to ‘A Rural Review.’ The weather might have been dreary this week in North Yorkshire – but our programme of activities certainly hasn’t been! There are no April showers that can stop us from providing exciting creative activities both in Thirsk and all through North Yorkshire – and with that lets look too…

What’s been happening
Those who read our blog last week will know all about our CREATEtour (if you haven’t, why not have a look now, it is good we promise) where 10 fantastic young people from Selby spent a week working with The Harmonettes to create their own show based around themes of Dorothys War, which has been touring around North Yorkshire venues all last week.  This week they have been touring around venues – performing the piece as an opening act for the show – and have been fantastic. Instead of having to listen to our version of the project one of the participants has written us something about it – so here is Rowie Maddison’s evaluation of our CREATEtour:
“I have been involved in the Rural Arts #CREATEtour for 2 years, and it has been amazing both times. There is nothing better for building confidence, creating teamwork and making so many friends. On my first year I was quite nervous but made loads of friends and built up my self confidence, which really helped me when doing the project this year. Being with The Harmonettes this year has been absolutely amazing and both them and Phoenix Dance Theatre have made a big impact on my thoughts for my future in performance. I could not be more thankful for everything that Rural Arts have given me these past 2 years and I will never forget that time I had.”
I think that sums it up much better than we ever could. A huge thank you also to The Harmonettes, who were fantastic both touring and in our workshop week. And of course, the biggest thanks must go to all of our Create Tour participants who were talented, professional and great fun. We will miss you all – make sure you keep in touch!
What a lovely bunch!


National Theatre Live Hangmen
Can we watch it again please?

This week saw the showing of the biggest play in London right now – and boy did it live up to expectation. Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen, the darkly comic thriller, had our audience laughing, squirming and gasping in equal measure. Featuring some of the best one liners we have heard in a long time and all star cast on fine form, we had a lot of happy customers! Our next showing is A View from the Bridge starring Mark Strong, and you can get tickets for that HERE. To stick with the theme, it would be a fate worse than death to miss it! (Disclaimer – not entirely sure that that is true, but please do come!)


How lovely is that?!
You know that here at Rural Arts we love a good workshop – and we always look forward to when we get Papercutting back on our program! We had a lovely day on Friday watching people create increasingly intricate and beautiful designs – to be honest it made all the staff here at Rural Arts fancy a go! We have a number of workshops coming up (we might even talk about a couple in this blog) which you should get involved with – so click HERE to see all of those.
What’s coming up
The Iranian Feast
Don’t miss this!
Do you like high quality theatre? Do you like events happening in your local area? Do you like food? Then we have the show for you! We are very proud to announce that the fantastic company Farnham Maltings are bringing their new show The Iranian Feast, to North Yorkshire next week. Part thriller, part cookery lesson, this is a tale of a family working out how life will be in the future. Using traditional Persian food prepared by Abbas, his wife and daughter- with help from their friends and neighbours, a story unfolds that is surprising, uplifting and a celebration of being alive. The Iranian Feast is touring 3 dates next week and you can reserve your seats HERE. There may even be free food… and if that doesn’t convince you nothing will!
Ipad Workshops
Here is Claire in action
Technology is a brilliant thing. That doesn’t mean it is always easy: in fact it is often exasperating and, quite frankly, irritating. Well if you re having tablet-related troubles – we can help! Our I-pad extrodinaire Claire Ford is running workshops all through the spring and summer. They are for complete beginners (those who have never picked up an I-pad before) beginners (if you know a bit but want to feel more confident) and troubleshooting (if you want answers to specific problems). They are always very popular and incredibly well received. To book onto any of these courses – please click HERE.


With that we round of another blog post. Make sure to check back with us next week for another ‘Rural Review.’ See you soon!