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A Rural Review 2016: Week 5!

Hello to everyone and welcome back to ‘A Rural Review’.  If you are reading this you will know why this has been such a fantastically exciting week for us here at Rural Arts. Our brand new (and also quite beautiful if we do say so ourselves) website has been launched and we are so pleased with the outcome. For those of you who do not normally read this blog and have stumbled upon it after giving our new website a peruse, A Rural Review usually consists of us recapping what has happened at Rural Arts this week and also what we have coming up in the near future. Please do make sure you pop back every Friday to read about what we have been up to – it’s good fun we promise! However, with such a humongous week in the Rural Arts calendar we have decided to do away with the format for a week, and instead will tell you about all our favourite new features of our brand new site.  
Buying products from the Gallery online!
Our gallery has always been the one of the most popular features here at The Courthouse, and now it has made the jump to online! Instead of having to get up off your sofa and venture into whatever storm we are battling through this week to get to Rural Arts, you can now purchase beautiful jewellery, paintings and and other artworks from the comfort of your own home. All our products have been photographed using high quality equipment, so that you can really see what  you are buying before you click the all important ‘checkout’.
Landing Pages

One of the comments we get most frequently when we chat to our customers is they are surprised at just how much we do – Rural Arts has many fingers in many pies and sometimes even we can struggle to keep tabs on all of our activities – which is what makes this blog such essential literature! We wanted to make sure everyone can appreciate the varied and unique work we do all over North Yorkshire so if you click on ‘ON Tour’ ‘Visit Us’ or ‘Community Art’ on the top banner or the homepage you will be taken through to what is known as a ‘Landing Page.’ These give you all the information about three of our key teams,  our Outreach Team, our ON Tour scheme and our venue The Courthouse. Not only do these pages give you a better sense of what we do but also can direct you to the specific areas you are looking for – useful eh?!

Talking of Landing Pages, here’s one we made earlier…
Gift Vouchers

We know how much you love Rural Arts (if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this blog I imagine!) and so why not reward the people you love by giving them a gift voucher to spend either at The Courthouse or on any other lovely activities online. With three different amounts (£10, £25 or £50) it is the perfect gift for any occasion. Now, all you need to do is head over to Shop Online and choose your amount and we will send you your gift voucher code via e-mail instantly – Valentines day is coming up after all?


As you can probably tell we are pretty darn excited about where Rural Arts is heading and we hope you are too – but the only reason we are able to keep moving forward is down to you and your continued support (oh lord it has all gone a bit X-Factor hasn’t it?) Like every charity, donations are integral to the future of Rural Arts and we have added a feature on our website to make the whole process of donating much easier. All you need to do is click on the little button on the right hand side of the page – the little bluey/greeney one (one staff member has just suggested it may be aqua but the jury is still out on that..) This button takes you through to a page where you can make a donation to help Rural Arts continue to do our work. Joking aside, we have blown away by all your support so far and any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated.

Now is the time to be a little self indulgent. With there being so many fantastic features on the site we could spend hours and many pages showing you everything we’ve done- but why not have an explore yourself to see what treasures our new website holds. However, we will leave you with this. Whilst change rages all around us (in a good way) I can confirm that your favourite arts-charity-review based blog will continue, albeit in it’s new updated home. To get your Rural Review fix either head to the Blog on ‘About Us’ on the top menu or at the bottom of the site.
This concludes this weeks blog! We want to thank you very much for reading and hope you enjoy using our brand new site. It will be business as usual next week for us at Rural Review HQ where we will be recapping all that has happened and whilst looking forward to what we have coming up – see you then.