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A Rural Review 2016: Week 4!

Happy Friday one and all and welcome back to ‘A Rural Review’, the weekly blog series recapping everything that has happened in the Rural Arts world and what we have coming up in the near future. This week it has got all blustery in North Yorkshire, which has unfortunately affected our week somewhat (more on that later) but we have still been blown away by all the fun we have had this week, and so it is time to throw caution to the wind and get on with this weeks blog post! (starting as we mean to go on this week…)

What’s been happening
Kids Art Club
This week the Thursday Art Club really put the ‘visual’ into ‘visual arts’ by experimenting with some filming on a green screen! The session was a huge success, with everyone involved transporting us to different places and magical lands. We would love to show you all the examples, all wonderful in their own way, but we don’t have enough blog space- so see below for an example courtesy of right honourable Princess Alesha (played to perfection by Charlotte). If you like what you see of art club, we still have a few places available for our Thursday sessions, which run from 4-5:15, so if you want to get involved give us a call on 01845 526536.
Chef Showcase
Talking of transporting us to magical lands, this week The Courthouse was transformed into a bustling curry house for the afternoon! Since 2015, the ON Tour team have been working with Ragged Edge Productions, helping them while they create a show specifically to rurally tour. This Thursday, Rural Arts, Ragged Edge Productions and some ON Tour promoters got to see the fruit of their labours (this pun will make more sense soon) as we saw a thirty minute showcase of the show and then took part in a Q&A to give feedback to the company. The showcase even included complimentary Indian food, prepared live by the fantastic chefs at The Banyan Tree – which was a particular highlight for the Rural Arts staff (get the pun now?!) It was a fantastic day with a lot of wonderful feedback, and we want to thank Ragged Edge Productions and The Banyan Tree for such a great day – and equally great curry!

Prepare to see much more from Ragged Edge Productions in the future…


Cafe Assistant Required ***HIRING OPPORTUNITY***

We are counting this as ‘What’s been happening’ because the vacancy has come out this week, even though the start date falls as ‘What’s Coming Up’. Our award winning (and totally amazing) cafe has an opening for a new assistant for Saturdays and you should totally get involved. I will leave it at that and let our lovely leaflet do the talking! (If you want to quote A Rural Review as the place you heard about the job that would not go amiss though!)
Whats coming up
Les Liaisons Dangereuses… (Again)
It may be the hardest word to say according to Elton, but it is time for us to say it. Due to pesky Gertrude causing Rural Arts all sort of damage on Tuesday night (just to confirm this was Gertrude the storm not Gertrude a woman you  know – but let’s be fair you don’t meet a lot of Gertrude’s do you?) our live streaming of National Theatre Live had to be re-arranged. The wind and rain damaged our satellite, meaning we were not able to receive the stream. We genuinely are so sorry about this, as we were so excited to host the event and try out our new equipment – and we cannot apologise enough to anyone who bought a ticket to the event. We have organised another showing of the performance for the 11th February, and will be doing our first live streamed event, As You Like It,  on the 25th February. Tickets for both shows can be bought HERE 


Observational Drawing
Another one of our fantastic one off workshops is taking place on February 19th  and you are invited! Our observational drawing workshops are always incredibly popular, and spaces for this one are already filling up very quickly indeed. If you want to spend a morning honing your skills, learning new drawing techniques or mastering new styles, whilst meeting new people and enjoying a nice hot drink (or three!) book onto the course by giving us a call or online by clicking HERE. There really is limited places left, so do it fast!
This brings us to the end of a whirlwind week here at Rural Arts (yes we are still on those puns) and we want to thank you very much for reading this weeks blog. Next week is a special one, because we should (fingers crossed) be able to tell you about an incredibly exciting development for Rural Arts. It was mentioned briefly in a Rural Review many moons again and is finally nearly ready to show you all. Hold onto your hats (and not just because of the breeze) because we are incredibly excited about it and we think you should be too. See you next week!