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A Rural Review 2016: Week 3!

Hello one and all and welcome back to ‘A Rural Review’. We would like to begin by congratulating you, as this week began with ‘Blue Monday’ – widely considered to be the most depressing day of the year in the UK, and you have managed to get through it! Although ‘Blue Monday’ was made up by a holiday company as a marketing ploy in 2005 with no real facts and statistics supporting their assertion that the third Monday in January was the most depressing day of the year, we still think surviving it is something to be proud of. Therefore, to celebrate we will do a blog post recapping all that has happened at Rural Arts this week and what is coming up next week – aren’t you all lucky?!

What’s been happening
A Taste Of… Evening Sessions
We speak a lot in our blog posts about our adult art club ‘A Taste Of…’ on a Wednesday morning, so you probably don’t need us to tell you how popular it has been/how much we enjoy doing it/where you can reserve or book places (just to confirm: that place is HERE). What you may not know is that the we have launched a brand new evening session of ‘A Taste Of…’, and the first session happened this Thursday! The theme was porcelain beads, buttons and pendants and the results were equally as fantastic as the turnout – and we want thank everyone who got involved for such a lovely evening. If you wanted to book onto February’s session (these sessions are monthly) which is Indigo type Shibori printing on the 11th February, you can by clicking HERE
Bringing home the bacon!
Since opening, The Courthouse Cafe has become one of the best places to drink coffee in Thirsk (and that is not just us being biased and self aggrandising- we actually won an award and everything) and it seemed more likely that pigs would fly than us find a way to improve your drinking and dining experience. Well Rural Arts don’t only make pigs fly, they now make them fry as well! (Yes this was a very long set up for a pretty poor payoff but we had to do a pig pun didn’t we?!) Mouthwatering bacon butties are now on the Courthouse Cafe menu for only £2.95, giving you even more reason to come down and see all that Rural Arts has to offer. We are open Monday to Saturday 10am-4:00pm. Seriously what are you waiting for?!
Even the sign makes us hungry…
What’s coming up
National Theatre Live: Les Liasons Dangereuses
It’s approaching fast! We spoke last week about this critically acclaimed version of the story that got everyone in France exclaiming ‘Sacreau Bleu’ in 1782 and there are still a few places available for our  showing of Les Liaisons Dangereuses on Thursday 28th January. Starring theatre superstars Dominic West, Janet McAteer and Elaine Cassidy, the performance is being streamed live from the Donmar Theatre around the world, including at Rural Arts. If you need some ‘joie de vivre’ back in your life this is the event for you!  The show starts at 7, with doors opening at 6:30, and you can book your tickets HERE– merci beaucoup! (Just to confirm the performance is fully in English and we have run out of French idioms to describe the show. Ah well, je ne regret rien…)
Look how intriguing they all look!
Silkscreen Printing
Its our first stand-alone workshop of the year, and it promises to be a good’un! If you want to give your bag, item of clothing, or even curtains (slightly more far fetched this example) a personal touch – come and learn how to do some Silk Screen Printing with Angela Hall. This workshop runs from 9 until 4:30 and is sure to be a fun filled day with some exciting results at the end – which may even feature in a certain blog series in the near future! I can imagine that you are now desperate to book on at the thought of potentially featuring on here over the coming weeks, so I will appease you all by leaving the link to do just that HERE.
That concludes this weeks blog. Make sure you keep checking back to a Rural Review,  as there may be some pretty large (and pretty darn exciting) changes surrounding the link and the way to find us at Rural Review HQ in the coming weeks. That’s all I can say at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled as there are some pretty big announcements coming up and we promise to tell you all about them in an equally silly way. See you all next week!