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A Rural Review 2016: Week 2!

It’s Friday which can only mean one thing… it is time for another ‘Rural Review’! Even though this has been the week the British Weather has finally woken up and realised that winter is supposed to be cold and snowy rather than mild and wet – Rural Arts has still put on a whole host of fun activities and have even more fun things planned coming up. Come rain or shine (or sleet which is definitely  the worst type of weather isn’t it?!) we at The Courthouse will continue to deliver activities for everyone to enjoy – and that, my blog reading friends, is a promise. With that rather passionate pledge out of the way, lets move on to….

What’s been happening
National Theatre Live: Jane Eyre
We spoke about this last week as something to look out for, and now, due to the form of Rural Review, we can tell you how it went! (It is a like well oiled machine at Rural Review HQ at the moment.) We were really excited to see this fabulous production of a well loved literary classic and it is fair to say it didn’t disappoint. A co-production with Bristol Old Vic – this was a hugely inventive production that created a visually stunning interpretation of the text whilst honouring the traditions of the story – as you can tell we were pretty impressed with the whole thing, as were everyone who attended. Our National Theatre live repertoire will continue to grow and keep reading to find out about our next performance- which is a landmark moment for us…
Here is the fabulous Madeline Worrall as Jane Eyre
Kezy Feaster Exhibition
We have a brand new exhibition in our Courthouse and it is really worth a look! Kezy captures the dramatic beauty and changing moods of the North Yorkshire Landscape through mixed media paintings. We have had a lot of interest in Kezy’s work already so you might want to come down or some of it may have disappeared. These are a range of paintings made by a truly fabulous artist so if you are interested pop into our Courthouse between 10-4:30pm  – why not come into our lovely Cafe and have a drink and a slice of cake while you are at it?!
One of Kezy Feaster’s fantastic pieces
Thirsk Hour
As many of you know, Rural Arts is one of the 4 hosts of ‘Thirsk Hour’. Created in 2015, Thirsk Hour runs every Thursday between 7-8 and is an hour dedicated to local business – all you need to do is get on Twitter between those times to find out about all the fun stuff going on in our lovely town! In this way it is like a town-wide Rural Review and if that does not sell it to you nothing will.. As always, our Rural Arts hosts Imogen Shaw and Angela Hall managed the evening with aplomb and it was a rip roaring success. To get involved yourself, be on Twitter next Thursday between 7-8pm and if you wanted to to give Rural Arts a ‘cheeky follow’ that also be wouldn’t go amiss – that can be done HERE 
What’s Coming Up
Fresh Exhibition – WE NEED YOU!
An exciting opportunity is fast approaching at Rural Arts – and expect to hear (and eventually see) a lot more about this in the future. If you read about Kezy’s exhibition and thought ‘I would love to have a go at that’ then make sure you keep reading! (To be honest even if this does not apply please also make sure you keep reading anyway, because… well I don’t think we really need to explain why!) We are looking for current graduates from the last 3 years to exhibit their work in our fantastic gallery space, free of charge as part of our ‘Fresh’ scheme. Applications are now open – if you want to apply send 3 high quality JPG’s of your work including an ‘artist working’ image together with contact details and artist statement (which only needs to be around 50-100 words) to The deadline is Friday 19th February at 5pm. Who knows – in a couple of months time your work could be featuring in A Rural Review (please all try and contain your excitement…)
National Theatre Live: Les Liasons Dangereuses
Get ready for the monumental moment spoken about in Jane Eyre – on Thursday 28th November, we having the fabulous production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses at 7:00pm. No monumental moment yet…But! This show is our first show that is being streamed, live, directly from inside the National Theatre! On this night, those that will see Dominic West, Elaine Cassidy and Janet McAteer in the flesh perform the 5 star show critics are calling “theatre at it’s most seductive” will be joined by 200 cinemas across the world doing the same; and we are one of them! To book your tickets for what promises to be a fabulous night – click HERE. Also, it wouldn’t be a post about a National Theatre screening without a beautifully made trailer – so see below for that!

A Taste Of… Thursday Evening Sessions
Since our adult art club, ‘A Taste Of…’ has been such a huge success – we have decided to be all generous in 2016 and not only bring it back for another term – but add in extra, brand new sessions on a Thursday night! If you can’t attend ‘A Taste Of…’ on a  Wednesday morning but want to try out some brand new art forms, want a fun activity to relax with after finishing work, or even a valid excuse to not join your slightly irritatingly friends pub quiz team – these are the sessions for you!  These sessions start next week with Porcelain Beads, Buttons and Pendants, and are very similar in style to ‘A Taste Of..’ but run for a little longer to give you the chance to really explore the art form. These sessions start 7:00pm and run for 2 hours. To book click HERE – you won’t regret it!
So we have reached the end of another Rural Review – now grab yourselves a duvet, get a fire going and count the days until your summer holiday…Thank you very much for reading, and we will see you all next week!