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A Rural Review 2016: Week 1!

Hello one and all and welcome back to the Rural Arts blog! Since August 2015, we have been doing a weekly blog series called ‘A Rural Review’ which recaps all that we have gotten up to during the week and more events we are running in the near future to look out for. For the New Year, we have given Rural Review a new start – we have reset the week counter so it now actually matches up with the week of the year (which makes a lot more sense and is probably something we should have thought about last year…) and our blogging New Years resolution is to try and make less terrible puns. Lets see how we do…

What’s been happening
‘A Taste Of…’ Returns
Along with A Rural Review, another brand new Rural Arts venture in the summer of 2015 was an adults art club. ‘A Taste Of…’ gives everyone the chance to try out some brand new art styles in our studio regardless of ability or experience – and was a huge success! Now it is back by very, very popular demand for spring 2016. The first session took place on Wednesday and went down a storm, with our fabulous participants taking to porcelain beads, buttons and pendants like ducks to water. If you are looking for a fun, achievable New Years resolution that will not make you miserable – why not join us on a Wednesday from 10:30-12 and get your creative juices flowing. Places can be reserved online HERE or by calling 01845 526536 (it’s the first plug of the New Year! What a momentous moment!)
These are just a few of the lovely things you could be creating if you join ‘A Taste Of…’ this year!
Pocket Panto at Meadowfield
Our Outreach team have also been busy at the start of 2016- as part of their fantastic Innovation Project they thought it would be great to have a performance at one of the care homes they worked in… well they did not need a genie and a magical lamp to get this wish granted! (Damn, our no pun resolution is in tatters already. We should have just joined ‘A Taste Of’ instead…) Pocket Panto, who have already done a fantastic run of shows throughout the Christmas period as part of our ON Tour scheme, came to Meadowfield with their brilliant version of Aladdin to make sure 2016 kicked off with some song singing, villain booing, thigh slapping fun. It was a show enjoyed by all, and a couple of our staff members even participated in a little dancing! Now we could not possibly share that video on this blog, but maybe if you were to click on our Facebook HERE and scroll to videos on the left hand side… In all seriousness we want to thank Pocket Panto for their show and also tell you to keep eyes peeled for more from the Outreach Team, who have loads of exciting projects lined up for the year. 
What’s coming up 
National Theatre Live: Jane Eyre
This is our first Courthouse performance of the year and it is an exciting one! Jane Eyre, the classic  Charlotte Bronte novel, has been a adapted for the stage and is being shown in our Courthouse on Tuesday 12th January at 7:00pm. It has received huge critical acclaim since its premiere with 5 star reviews from The Observer which calls it Aflame with passion – a picture of exultant feminism’ and the Daily Mail, which praised it as ‘Enchanting. Magnificent. Theatre at it’s most imaginative.’ You can come and see this show, on your doorstep, for only £10 – so why not! Book HERE to see what all the fuss is about.
It doesn’t look half bad does it?!
Thursday and Saturday Art Club
While ‘A Taste Of..’ was new for 2015 – our kids art club is one of the staples of the Rural Arts calendar! After a winter break, Art Club returns this Saturday morning (9th) and next Thursday evening (14th) with a whole new term of exciting activities for kids to get stuck into. We always have huge demand for these groups, so if you want to get a name down – do it quick! You can book on through our website by clicking HERE or by giving us a call. The first week is clay fish – but don’t worry, this does not mean art club is ‘scaling’ back in anyway – and we promise they will have a ‘whale’ of a time! (It’s getting worse – we promise no more puns until the end of the blog especially about fish. In other words the puns are completed. Over. Fin.)
Ipad Troubleshooting Workshops
Lets get back on track shall we? On Saturday the 16th January, iPad extroadinare Clare Ford is back to help you out with all your iPad based needs. This is a one to one session designed to help you individually work through any issues you might be having – perfect for trying to get to grips with a brand new Christmas present you have not fully figured out, if you want to learn how to do something specific or  if you just generally want to feel more comfortable on a tablet then this is the session for you. To book a half an hour slot for only £15 call us or you can book online by clicking HERE
This concludes this weeks Rural Review – although we have failed our no pun resolution miserably, we do solemnly swear to keep blogging anyway. Happy New Year to you all, we are incredibly excited about what this year has in store – it promises to be our biggest and best year yet at Rural Arts with some amazing events and activities coming up. The best way to find out about them?  Make sure you keep reading a Rural Review of course! See you next week!