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A Takeover of Rural Review: Week 11!

Today, students from Thirsk school and sixth form college took over Rural Arts for the day. It was pretty swell. We split off into teams and undertook activities to help advertise Hey Clay! which will take place on Saturday 5th December at The Courthouse in Thirsk. Each team performed a different task, from media skills to workshop creation. For example, we are students writing this blog – which explains the sub-par quality of text… (Rural Review editor note: I think it’s excellent!)

The day started at 9 o clock with introductions and a short activity where we looked at different programming ideas for the ON Tour scheme. We looked at a range of shows and gave critical responses to them. See below for evidence!

We then were fascinated by a live demonstration of pottery by amazing potter Gordon Broadhurst – it was very impressive watching him work and we were awe struck. However the experience dampened somewhat by the horrific tragedy of clay on my jeans… (Rural review editor note: Apologies for this Sue, have fun cleaning!) Click HERE for our twitter to see Gordon in action.

After that we were ‘shown the ropes’ of the state of the art media studio, which you can hire at a very reasonable cost (link found HERE). Two of us started a friendly competition to see whose banner that was created would be shown outside Rural Arts – if you want to see who the winner is have a peruse outside of Rural Arts. Then maybe come in and buy a cake or three?


Scone throwing in the Rural Arts cafe!


One of us was sent off to the ironically lonely world of social media to document and promote the day on Twitter and Facebook. I learnt the importance of plugging and promoting all things Rural Arts at any given opportunity. Can you tell? (Also follow us on Facebook by clicking HERE)


#TooManyScreens, Theo hard at work!


Some other students came, but to be honest we don’t really care what they are doing… and the best thing is they can’t even edit this… JK lol (Rural Review editor note: this means just kidding, laugh out loud for all those who might not understand text speak – god aren’t we all old?) They have actually been in the gallery and the workshop studio, creating an exhibition and workshop respectively for the Hey Clay! day. We can’t wait to see this finished product and if you want to see the gallery’s work you can follow them on twitter as well! (Link found HERE)

The day has been very worthwhile and we hope that we have been helpful in preparing for Hey Clay! We would recommend the day to anybody hopeful of going into a career in arts design, or just wants a day off school (only joking its actually been a longer day than normal and a lot of hard work)

Thanks Rural Arts – it’s been pretty swell. (Rural Review editor note: it really has.)

From left: Theo, Tom, Jennie