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A Rural Review: Week 9!

Did you miss us? Like a phoenix rising from the flames, your favourite blog a Rural Review is back after a week long hiatus. In the week where apples are bobbed, spooky stories are told and sweets are given out at the drop of a witchy hat – we at Rural Arts have been busier than ever. So we have got an extra special, Sinister Rural Review for you – prepare yourselves as we recount our terrifying week and what frightfully fun activities we have coming up – mwahahahahahah! (So just to confirm – it is a normal Rural Review with the occasional Halloween-themed word…)
‘The happenings’ (See what I did there?!)
Horrifying Half term Workshops

Where to start with this week at the Courthouse! As a celebration of Halloween and half term each day we have had workshops happening in both the morning and the afternoon, and it has been so much fun. Alongside the amazing pictures which have been made everyday as part of the worlds biggest drawing festival ‘Big Draw’, the Rural Arts workshop and café team have also helped hundreds of young people made spooky CD animals,  edible spider treats, mini beasts in glass pebbles and scary Halloween masks! It has been pleasure watching our venue be taken over by families, and watching everyone, young and old, make wonderful (and in some cases tasty) creations. Although we are a little tired (!), it has been a Scream –  and we want to say thank you to everyone who got involved, you have made this Halloween week memorable for all the right reasons.


We Saw so many amazing things created we could dedicate a whole blog to them – this is just a snapshot! Also if you want to sign up to any of our other workshops that are happening before Christmas, you can book online by clicking HERE or even give us (the) Ring on 01845 526536.

Creepy Create Tour
This is a first for a Rural Review  (how exciting) we have a guest writer this week! But remember we don’t do things by half here at Rural Review HQ and so we do not have just one guest writer – we have 12! Alongside our Halloween workshops, this week the ON Tour team has been out at the Create Tour – where young people from Redcar and East Cleveland have worked with jazz singer Lindsay Hannon creating a short performance that will tour around local venues as her opening act as part of the ON Tour scheme. But enough from boring old me, you get to read my writing every week, here are the young people taking about the Create Tour in their own words (we didn’t pay them I swear):
  • “This is my first time doing the Create Tour and it was really fun”
  • “The Create Tour is a great experience – it’s a place to meet new friends and have a brilliant time. Also Lindsay and Liz were amazing!”
  • “The Create Tour gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings through dramatic arts’
  • “It has built my confidence because everyone is so supportive”
  • “It has been a great experience , it was fun creative and I feel like I have progressed”
  • “I found it a really good experience, I have built my confidence and made loads of new friends”
  • “I would like to say that it really boosts my confidence and let me express who I am. The leaders were so supportive of everything I did and I want to thank them for all your help”
  • “I thought it was fun because you go to express your imagination and meet new people. I would definitely do it again.”
  • “It was well worth spending your half term on- I loved it!”
  • “It’s a very good experience that allows you to see what you can achieve”
  • “We created our own song! And we met new friends. I really enjoyed making music with Lindsay and Liz”
  • “I really enjoyed having  the chance to create new songs and put them on stage and then show others what we have done”

A huge thanks to all the young people involved – they are The Shining stars of the project and need to be congratulated for all their hard work. Also we want to say a huge thank you to Lindsay  (more on her later!) and Liz, who were brilliant leaders. Pictures will follow next week, but in the meantime here is a ‘wordcloud’ which sums up how the young people descried their experience of the project:

‘The future happenings’ (less good I know)
Haunting Hannon jazz performance
If the Create Tour section of this blog has peaked your interest, well then listen up! You can see the young peoples performance on 4 nights next week as the opening act for Lindsay Hannon. The Lindsay Hannon Plus (who are one of the top touring jazz bands in the country) are doing gigs in Tuned In in Redcar, Pickering Memorial Hall, Burniston & Cloughton and The Courthouse in Thirsk, and you can still get tickets! (Also if you are looking for an Omen, Lindsay is performing from the 4th to 7th of November, so expect fireworks and a sparkling set!) Click HERE to get yourself down to these events – they are not too be missed!
Nightmare National Theatre Live

Have you heard the exciting news about the Courthouse hosting National Theatre live- well if you hadn’t, you have now! (You really should have known by now as it was talked about a lot last month, so you are finding out 28 days later than most people…) The first National Theatre performance is a cracker as well – James Franco and Chris O’Dowd starring in the critically acclaimed version Of Mice and Men and is kicking off on the 19th November. It is the biggest National Theatre live double act since Frankenstein and you would be Psycho to miss out, so click HERE to get tickets!


We love this picture…
Hair-Raising Hey Clay!
This event is perfect for anyone who has never had the chance to work with clay or who wants to become The Excorist of some dodgy art lessons in school! To join forces with the new BBC documentary, The Great British Pottery Throwdown, which starts on the 11th November, Rural Arts are hosting Hey Clay on the 5th December. As well as showcasing the work of the top potters in the region, you can try your hand at a range of pottery styles with our fantastic workshop team. This event is perfect for all the family, so make sure you bring The Children, and come and have an amazing time. It is a free event and you can just pop in if you are passing through – but to guarantee yourself a place on the workshops click HERE to sign onto the workshops
Yes we know we could make a ‘Ghost’ pun here… but it just seems too easy doesn’t it?
I am afraid to say Hey Clay is the Final Destination for this weeks Rural Review and we are finished for this post… But! In honour of Halloween, we have subtly included many of the most well known horror films in this blog (we are sure you picked this up because a lot are quite rubbish…) There are 14 films in here, so why not go back through and see if you can find them all! Happy Halloween everyone!