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A Rural Review: Week 8!

Good Friday one and all and happy ‘Rural Review’ day! With every week that passes the days get shorter and chillier and we are now feeling thoroughly autumnal here at Rural Arts – and as the leaves fall from the trees, and the conker competitions start and then stop due to health and safety concerns (insert ‘world gone mad’ comment here) our programme gets increasingly busy as we get into the nitty gritty of all thats gone on! Why not take a look by reading below

Whats been happening
A week of workshops!

Print making, observational drawing, ceramic pumpkins and gargoyles… The Courthouse this week has been filled with sweet sounds of making and creating. This doesn’t even take into account the Kids and Adults Art Clubs, so as you can imagine we have been pretty busy in our workshop space this week. We have had all ages and abilities involved  and many wonderful things have been created. Unfortunately there isn’t space to put pictures up of everything (it would take someone about three hours to scroll through it all), but below is just a smidgen of what has been going on!

Tweet Up
This week 3 of our staff members decided to go to Helmsley and attend an event called a ‘tweet up’. A ‘tweet up’ is  an event to learn how best to use and utilise twitter – the social media website that has become an integral marketing tool that has become so important in todays world. Our staff members attended because it would be very important for our business links and networking opportunities…and it was nothing AT ALL do to with the fact the event was hosted at a fish and chip shop…. Just kidding!  The ‘tweet up’ was a brilliant event and a wonderful opportunity to meet some new people and make connections – in fact we were so taken with the idea we will be hosting one of our own in the near future – so keep your eyes peeled for that. By the way, talking of twitter, our twitter is awesome and amazing and the best profile on the site – follow us @ruralarts to see if I am telling the truth (I am). A big thank you to Helmsley Fish and Chips and everyone we met for a wonderful evening – and for those wondering – a chip or two may have been eaten along the way!
The tea at the Tweet Up, supplied by the fabulous Helmsley Fish and Chips. You can admit, you are a little hungry aren’t you? (Just go and get some yourself – it’s Friday, you’ve earnt it!)
Rural Arts in the News!
We have had a very busy week publicising our next events coming up and we thought we should draw your attention to a couple. Lindsay Hannon is coming up in November (buy tickets HERE – she’s proper proper good) and we have been working hard getting the word out! First off – prepare yourselves – I want you to go and read another blog (as you can imagine we at Rural Review really appreciate a good blog post!) Read the amazing Northern Jazz live blog which is the place to go for all your information about the jazz performances in the North. They were kind enough to include our upcoming Lindsay Hannon performances in it – click HERE to read it and please do read the other articles, it is a brilliant resource from a hugely experienced and knowledgable team. Lindsay also featured on the news page for national radio station Jazz FM (which you can read HERE) and also by Scarborough jazz festival (read HERE)
Lindsay has been everywhere this week!
Whats coming up
Half Term Workshops
Did all the talk of workshops make you feel a bit of longing to get stuck in to some art once again? Did you think we couldn’t be possibly be more busy with workshops than we were this week? Are you getting sick of every Rural Review having rhetorical questions in the form of a power of three? Well in the same way I refuse to stop using my GCSE- level understanding of persuasive writing, Rural Arts will not stop putting on exciting workshops for you to be a part of! Our Half term is packed with activities for the family  to be involved with – with an average of two workshops a day we definitely have something for everyone! Click HERE to see what is going down.


Mask making is just one of the things you could get involved with!
Edwina Hayes
After the marvellous Lindsay Hannon, our next performance is the different, but equally marvellous, Edwina Hayes! The sweet singing sensation, who rose to prominence after her haunting version of ‘Feels like Home’ was featured in the film My Sisters Keeper, returns to Rural Arts on the 14th November. There is less than a month to get your tickets for this and they are selling pretty darn quickly, so get yours HERE. I am now going to put the link to her song Feels Like Home, underneath. ( Yes, dedicated readers of A Rural Review, I have posted this before but I won’t apologise – this version is beautiful and I wanted an excuse to hear it again! So I will ask you to pre-emptively stop your complaining about a decline in originality and just listen…)
Takeover Day
At the moment Rural Arts is running as normal – but in around a month you might see some big changes for a day! We are getting involved in Takeover Day, an annual event organised by the Children’s Commissioner For England – where young people all over the country get the opportunity to get involved in the day to day running of an organisation. However this isn’t work experience (no tea will be made we promise!) instead the participants get the chance to make key decisions about how we work and make their mark on Rural Arts! You never know, you might even see a change in a Rural Review…
…But you won’t see a change next week! Rural Review will be back and with another recap – so see you next time!