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A Rhyming Rural Review: Week 3!

Here at Rural Arts we love a challenge… With our next ON Tour performance being the fantastic ‘folknroll’ band Holy Moly & The Crackers and their toe-tapping performance ‘If the River was Whiskey’, we decided to recap whats happened here at Rural Arts and what’s to come, completely in rhyme. To book onto Holy Moly’s amazing show on the 17th and 18th September click HERE – they completely sold out when they last toured with us previously so grab them while you can! *Deep Breaths* Here we go…

A Rural Review: The Rhyming Edition

We’ll start with this week, with what’s gone before,
And an amazing performance that kicked off ONTour,
A piece where we heard one man laugh, talk and sing,
And show us his list of most brilliant things,
A piece that has been in New York as top billing,
We were so lucky to have it in Gilling,
Every Brilliant Thing was impossible to resist,
And a reason an audience member will ‘start his own list!’

Another wrote it made them ‘cry with laughter’
This was all down to Johnny, an incredible actor,
And all who attended, even if they tried to be resilient
Couldn’t leave that hall without feeling just a little bit brilliant
But this isn’t all that happened this week,
This week in the courthouse was the week of the tweet!
On Thursday Rural Arts promoted ‘Thirsk Hour’
A twitter campaign giving local business some power,
Find it every Thursday on Twitter with a 7pm start
and if you want to follow us we are @ruralarts!
And so with this weeks fantastic events all done,
Let’s turn our attention to what is to come!
We have many new workshops which are well worth a look,
From iPad troubles to the binding of books,
So if you want to know how bind a book right,
Click here to enrol on our lovely website,
And we are proud to give the WI some deserved recognition,
Come to our Gallery late September to see their amazing exhibition,
And are you are bored of the same evenings down the pub?
 well then click HERE to sign up for our adults art club!
If you have kids, either young or in their teens,
October half term is packed with activities for Halloween,
Edible spiders, mini beasts and creature masks galore,
come and make something spooky (with not too much gore!),
And of course our cafe is open, lovely as ever,
always good for a natter whatever the weather,
And our final event, what we wrote this blog for,
Is our brand new event next week for ONTour,
Holy Moly are here! at East Cowton and Settle,
Who will wow with their singing and their instrumentals,
If the River was Whiskey is a guaranteed fun time,
(And we promise they are much more skilled than us in rhyme!)
So next Thursday and Friday, come sing and dance,
We know you’ll love it if you give it a chance,
We hope to see you there, and if not we might cry,
And there’s not much else to do but sign off with a…. See you for the next blog! 😉
*and exhales…*