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A Taste Of…Raku

Over the summer people have flocked to The Courthouse for the Raku workshops, and Friday was no exception.
Friday was the first of two sessions, making a bowl or tile to fire.  Each person got a block of clay, rolled it flat and decorated the surface.  Here is where the creativity of the group shone through using stamps, wallpaper, dried plant stalks or shells.
To get a more 3D effect sprigs were used; small moulds into which the clay was pushed, taken out and stuck to the edges of the bowls with slip.
Small hammocks and wooden frames were used to shape the flat clay into bowls.  Now the bowls and tiles need to be dried before firing at the next raku session on the 25th November. 
The next two A Taste of…sessions will be part of  The Big Draw, so come along, pick up a pencil, grab a piece of paper and let your imagination run away with you!