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Curtains for stage and windows

Helperby primary school’s hall is about to be reinvigorated with colourful  painted masterpieces. Stage and window curtains have been given the creative touch with an international theme and feature beautiful Japanese kimonos, South American carnival dancers, iconic buildings and our very own Royal family.  Yes, Kate and Will make an appearance just above the Houses of Parliament!
The whole school participated for a week in this epic project that used over 100mtrs of fabric, wore out the cook’s dishcloths and left the caretaker wondering if he would ever get his mop and bucket back! 
Children, staff and parents were a joy to work with and really entered into the spirit; coming up with the most beautiful designs and working on the floor in class groups, carefully drawing then painting each individual themed curtain.
The curtains are in the process of being made-up and will be hung in the next couple of weeks.