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A Taste of Art (Extended): Rag Rug Stool Covers

A Taste of Art (Extended): Rag Rug Stool Covers Splash Image Here of class couthouse-image

A Taste of Art (Extended): Rag Rug Stool Covers

The Courthouse Thirsk
Wednesday 9th May

Within this workshop you will be exploring the two types of rag rugging- hooky and proggy- led by avid rag rugger and keen upcycler Helen Shakespeare. Helen will guide you through the two types of rag rugging techniques and show you how to design your own stool cover. An open weave hessian will be used as your canvas and will be provided along with the equipment for the workshop. Patterns and texture can be explored to start you off on your rag rugging journey to create your own stool cover.  

The tradition of mat making isn't unique to the North East but the terms hooky and proggy are! Like many crafts, mat making was originally born out of necessity, but today is very much about the pleasure of making and the growing interest in repurposing and recycling.  

Hooky uses long strips of fabric, bringing up loops onto the surface to give a close looped pile. It is possible to create detailed designs using this technique, and the direction that you work in gives movement within your design. Explore different textures in this technique by using stretchy velours, silky shiny fabrics or soft woollen jumpers. Patterned materials give a surprising speckled effect. 

Proggy is the simpler technique of the two and lends itself to sharp bold patterns and exciting use of colours as detail is lost in its thick rich texture. The thickness of the pile depends on the type of material used and how closely you work the clippings. Suitable fabrics for proggy are non-stretchy fabrics with some body in them such as woollen blankets, coats, shrunken woollen jumpers, flannel and jersey. 

All equipment will be provided; however, we ask you to bring along your old clothing or blankets to recycle.  

Wednesday 9th May (10am - 1pm) The Courthouse, Thirsk Tickets Available: 1
Ticket 25.00

'Taste of Art' workshops are creative sessions that are friendly, informal and good fun and aim to provide an introduction to a technique or art form. Lasting an hour and a half they are run by qualified tutors and artists and aim to give you an insight into a craft and inspire you to do more.

You don't have to be a creative person to take part as the sessions are aimed at all levels and the focus is on experimentation. Most of our sessions use materials and equipment that are accessible and low cost and we always try to provide ceramic activities that utilise our kiln.

'Taste Of Art' sessions will provide you with an opportunity to make new friends and meet up with other budding creatives.

'Taste of Art' sessions run during the school term and a detailed programme is released on this website.

Please bring an apron. 

How To Find The Venue

Planning Your Visit

  • A short walk from Thirsk Market Place
  • Local parking
  • Disabled parking, access and toilet
  • Games, books and activities for children
  • Children’s menu
  • Baby changing facilities
  • High chair

A Taste of Art (Extended): Rag Rug Stool Covers

A Taste of Art (Extended): Rag Rug Stool Covers
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