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Lempen Puppets - Flotsam and Jetsam - Relaxed Performance

Lempen Puppets - Flotsam and Jetsam - Relaxed Performance Splash Image Here of class couthouse-image

Lempen Puppets - Flotsam and Jetsam - Relaxed Performance

Rural Arts, The Old Courthouse Thirsk
Thursday 15th April

We're excited to present a brand new show from Lempen Puppets.

(This piece is currently in the creation stage, which is why there are no images of the puppets just yet. The show will be ready for us in April 2021)


Flotsam floats, Jetsam sinks

Both their worlds are on the brinks,

The jagged arcs of waves and sharks

Chase them both in minds and hearts.


They must break through their tears and fears

And worries of a thousand years,

To find what’s true and out of the blue

Discover the other and a friend that’s new.


Flotsam is soft, flexible, laid back. She slides and glides through life on the ice. Jetsam is the opposite, his insectile body in stiff and nervy, alert and watchful, suspicious of all in his forest home.

 And then comes the weather… and they are both cast adrift in a world that is strange to them and full of a range of dangers. Finally washed up on the same island beach they must discover the other and work out how they can work together.

A hopeful, musical, visual adventure story with about two very different people who must learn to work together.

 suitable for everyone from 4 – 104. 

This is a relaxed performance (sensory friendly). There will be plenty of room to move around, refreshments will be available after the show and there is the opportunity to meet the puppets and performers.

Thursday 15th April, 2pm, Rural Arts, The Courthouse, Thirsk Tickets Available: 30
Concession (Disabled) 6.00
Concession (unemployed) 6.00
Concession (Full time student) 6.00
Concession (Under 18) 6.00
Concession (Over 65) 6.00
Adult ticket 8.00

Disability Access

Car Parking

The Courthouse offers disabled parking for Blue Badge owners. If you will be needing to use the disabled parking please contact us prior to arrival so we can reserve you a place in our carpark. 

Wheel Chair Access

The Courthouse has wheel chair access into, and throughout, the building. There is a lift providing access to the second floor and disabled toilet.

If you are coming to a workshop or performance please let us know in advance so we can allocate a space for you in the audience or studio.


We offer tickets at no additional charge for carers or essential companions accompanying disabled customers. Please contact to request an additional ticket.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs are allowed in the building.

How To Find The Venue

Planning Your Visit

  • A short walk from Thirsk Market Place
  • Local parking
  • Disabled parking, access and toilet
  • Games, books and activities for children
  • Children’s menu
  • Baby changing facilities
  • High chair


Lempen Puppets - Flotsam and Jetsam - Relaxed Performance

Lempen Puppets - Flotsam and Jetsam - Relaxed Performance
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